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I've been saying it for a while and I'll say it again: the ///M3 is the best overall car of the bunch. These cars are all daily drivers, so when you add up everything that's important in such a car (performance, tech, interior, etc.) the BM comes out ahead of the others. The Alfa is very compelling, but with a circa 2012 interior and poor residuals it's tough to pick it over the others. Then again, I've yet to drive the Alfa. The F80 felt very competent to me but I always felt there was some sort of "filter" preventing it from being more raw and enjoyable like the E9X and preceding ///M3 generations.

I crunched some numbers and for the same MSRP, the Bimmer is roughly $10,000 cheaper to lease over a 3 yr period (assuming $0 down) compared to the Alfa and Merc. That's a shyt ton of coin!