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Originally Posted by Boss330 View Post
This presentation has some comparisons on throttle response between a regular turbo and a electrically boosted turbo.
Nice charts. We should have been using these all along to discuss lag - a graph of torque vs. time due to step response on throttle. I've taken the liberty to add a typical NA response in purple and highlighting turbo lag in orange, it's probably more accurate to stick with it as a description simply as the time duration along the x-axis (rather than the highlighted area). Other than an exchange of power for torque this matches my first definition of turbo lag quite closely. However, to give one tiny concession to NISFAN, the case he likes to talk about would not have the NA and turbo torque asymptotes at the same level (and would then be headed right back to saying the NA engine has the lag...).

Also interesting are the double "kinks" in the blue curve which is what the prior poster was referring to in describing the electrical and computer controlled stuff as a bit artificial feeling (not sure if that was the exact term he used), which is indeed apparent in this system and you would feel this for sure and it would be a bit odd.
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