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Originally Posted by eggrolls76 View Post
Just had a lengthy conversation with the MCS tech. He wanted me to video the movement of the shock by hand and send it in to them. Also, said the shoulder bolt near the clevis mount has been a problem with the F80's. Retorque or replace and torque to proper spec could solve the sound issue.

I had a relatively quiet after install for about a week, then noticed the sound. I thought it was the end links, so I went thru 3 sets of different end links, and just settling on the SPL rear endlinks. Even swapped out the sway bar with H&R sways front and rear, the sound went away for a day, then came back. Got the Front end links from SPL as well as the Tie Rod Ends...I think its time to just machine my own parts and throw it at the car and see what happens. lol.
Appreciate you passing along the feedback from MCS. Definitely something to look at. Who did you talk to about it? Do you still have the video you sent them? From inside the car, it sounds like the noise is coming from right about where that clevis mount is, but of course it could just be transmitting there from elsewhere down the damper to the control arm and other appendages attached to it and the wheel hub.
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