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Originally Posted by Jockey
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no lag?

i've had honest feedback from 1m coupe drivers on their site because I love that car and wanted to get into one before getting the can be minimized but the lag is still there.
Agree. A turbo car will have lag, it's the nature of the beast. But having owned numerous turbocharged cars, the 135 has had the least out of all of them. I think one of the key differences being even not in full boost, the engine still produces enough power to make up for the lack of boost. I'm sure the 1M is even better and I'm willing to bet the M3/4 will be much better.

Isn't the M3/4 coming with some sort of "anti-lag" system? I thought I remember reading about that. Of course, a true anti-lag system causes havoc on the turbos.
My garage is an e90m3 and an e82 135i. Ive had an evo ix and my brother has had an evo x.

The 135i lag and lag in throttle response is HORRIBLE. Its my fiances car and even she complains about it.

The evos were different - lag was due more to boost but throttle response was much better (small ass turbos).