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Originally Posted by Kayani_1
Get a tune and you can modify the stock throttle response. However, no amount will bring turbo in line with a proper high performance NA engine. Unless of course you put a electric motor with the turbo like Porsche did.

Originally Posted by pkim1079 View Post
My garage is an e90m3 and an e82 135i. Ive had an evo ix and my brother has had an evo x.

The 135i lag and lag in throttle response is HORRIBLE. Its my fiances car and even she complains about it.

The evos were different - lag was due more to boost but throttle response was much better (small ass turbos).
I know thats true but what if you dont want to modify?

I guess with the dinky turbos on the s55 with the added tech it shouldnt be that bad. But still not on par with a proper na setup.

Back in the fast and furious days i still preferred a high hp na setup than anything else and i still stick to it.