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Originally Posted by Boss330 View Post
It's based on a stock car, but quite a lot of modifications had to be done before entering the race...

The rear Wheel Arches had to be modified to make room for the larger tires and the ABS had to be reprogrammed. The photos also illustrate that it wasn't just a stock car anymore... Althought it's impressive that the suspension etc seems to be stock.

The modifications made were ones that were REQUIRED to be in the race that no standard car could do without.

The fact that this near as makes no difference stock car took 13th place amongst race cars just shows how good and how over engineered that truly are. I honestly cannot think of another car that could do what the GT3 RS did.

M cars while decent at the track will never be the type of track cars even regular Porsches let alone GT cars are. They're ok for a session but will quickly show where and what they lack. They are better as street cars and the way BMW is going thats really all they're good for.
While BMW says the m3/m4 is more track ready I'm sure the caveat is having their ceramic brakes which I'm sure are pretty good but at the same time, their turbo engines leave a lot to be desired as far as cooling and ability to withstand hard use on the track.