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Originally Posted by kingikra View Post
Just came back a week ago. It wasn't the best trip but I enjoyed.
On Easter I went to the English Garden. Indeed there are nudists there


Englischer Garten...
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It seem like everybody are enjoying themselves. A friend of mine who lived in munich for a few years in the past told me to go to the Japanese Teahouse but he meant the Chinese Tower so after walking a lot to find that Japanese Teahouse, I was exhausted so I went back to find something to eat Went to eat in the Haxenboer which is a great restaurant.

Yes, the Haxenboer is a great restaurant! It's just around the corner from the Hof Brau Haus and the Hard Rock Cafe... both of which are a bit too tourist-y for my tastes. I do take out of town guests to the HB just to see the madness inside... and to their gift shop... but then I take them to a "real" German beer hall or nice restaurant around the corner.

There is a Japanese Teahouse in the English Gardens... it's down on the Southern part of the park. I've never been there... but I have walked past it before. I don't like to recommend places that I have not personally been too. Maybe something for your next visit.

Japanisches Teehaus Kanshoan...
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Chinese Tower...
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On the second day it was much better. I had a great driving day and at noon went to eat in the Brenner grill restaurant. For some reason, I remembered that you've told me that there's a very good schnitzel there but couldn't find any in the menu so I went for the Donald Russell carrée of lamb which was amazing. One of the best I have ever eaten.

The food at the Brenner Grill is always great! Especially their steaks and lamb. Yum Yum!!

No, this is not the schnitzel place... that is the Tiroler Hof down in Kufstein(Austria). They have THE best Schnitzel Vienna. Breaded in a cornflakes batter. Its very good!! The best schnitzel that I have had is from Tiroler Hof. Melts in your mouth.

Tiroler Hof, Kufstein(A)...
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Fortress Kufstein...
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Brenner Grill...
Maximilianstraße 15, 80539 München
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Maximilianstraße is a very nice street to walk around...
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I still haven't tried the Liberkasse. I always find myself fall for a German hotdog
Leberkase... which means Liver & Cheese.... which the sandwhich has neither!! It's kind of a hot Baloney or Spam sandwhich. You can eat it with mustard or just plain. I like it served plain. It's so yummy!! Btw... you can only find LeberKase sold in Bavaria. It's a traditional offering here.

The next time you are in Munich... go to the Marien Platz... then walk around the corner... past the Spielzeugmuseum(Toy Museum) and make a right to go into the Viktualienmarkt.

As soon as you round the corner... you will see three butcher shops with thier orange awnings shading their delicious products. I like to go to the second or third butcher(Metzger, in German). The second shop is my favorite. You HAVE to get some LeberKase on your next visit!!

Markt-Metzger AK GmbH

When I am in Munich's Marienplatz... I also like to grab a snack at Café Rischart. It's just a sandwhich shop... but they have some great food to go or eat in - here. I think you can also eat in, upstairs for some nice down time in the city. Another Dackel tip.

You can find these Café Rischart shops all over the city, train station and airport.

Rischart at Marienplatz
Café Rischart
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Leberkäse or Leberkase...
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That was my car:

BTW, I forgot that this is a BMW forum and I'm driving one for two months now
It's my first M car and I like it a lot!

Thanks again!

That's very nice to hear. I am happy I could help you once again on your visit to Germany. I think you need to not come on a major holiday like Easter though. Plus once we get to June, the weather gets much nicer to drive around the country side.

Best regards,
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