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Originally Posted by Porsha View Post

Any advice I might I have missed on visiting the Ring?
I take it you seen this 'Ring thread of mine ?

Your first Nürburgring Nordschleife Touristenfahrten lap! (2016)

The last video... post #53 was filmed this year... so it has all the latest info on TF. You might want to pay the 50 euros for an instructor like at APEX. Driving the 'Ring is very complex, much more so than driving on the Autobahn. Take it slow and don't try to break any track records. lol

And don't be this guy... lol

Really my best advice for going to the 'Ring is to be flexible. Being able to stay a day or two longer can help. That part of Germany in the Eiffel mountains, the weather is constantly changing. I have driven there many times before under clear blue skies only to get 35 minutes away and see rain and fog and snow. It's crazy the weather in that region.

Also... once you purchase your electronic 'Ring ticket(or download the app) don't go out when everyone leaves the parking area. Let everyone leave and go nuts... then in ten minutes later, go out.

IF you must stay around the 'Ring longer... maybe try driving around Cochem(pronounce: Cock-Hemm) a great small town with a cool castle. IF you park in the town's parkhaus... you can take a chair lift up the mountain to a nice overlook and grab some coffee and cake. The chair lift company used to take your pic just as you got to the top of the vineyard/mountain and you can purchase the photo. Driving South from there toward Trier along the Mosel is also a really nice drive. I prefer the Mosel to the Rhine river where everyone goes.

Cochem to Bernkastel Kues is also a good scenic drive. In Bernkastel Kues is another nice castle. Although I prefer Cochem's castle(Burg Eltz).

Here is a really old Rick Steve's video on Cochem...

Maybe IF your into military stuff... in Kloblenz is the WTS Museum of the Germany Army(Bundeswehr). Its very interesting, worth a half day. About 35 minutes North of Kloblenz is Remagen, where there famous WWII bridge crossing. There is a very small museum there, it's interesting but nothing really all too interesting in that area. I would only go there IF you are passing thru or have time to kill.

Just look at the 'Ring videos in my above link/FAQ. Shoot me a PM if you have any other Q's.

Originally Posted by Porsha View Post
Excellent info. Luckily we are planning the museum tours on Tuesday and Wednesday. Sadly it looks like we'll miss the Classic you referenced.
You can tour BMW Classic on Saturdays too. Just go to the Welt's website and book a tour. It's fairly cheap now at 16 euros pp. It used to be a one fee or 193 euros in the past!!

Saturday(s): 1.00 pm / 2.30 pm / 4.00 pm

max. 20 people

approx. 60 minutes

Ticket prices:
Individual: 16.00 EUR / discounted* 13.00 EUR
Group: 220.00 EUR / discounted* 180.00 EUR


Tel.: +49 (0)89 / 1250 16001

Go here--->
and scroll down and CLICK on...

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