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Originally Posted by RugbyBro View Post
Unrelated to OP/this thread, but I never quite understood the logic of heavily modifying or even tuning a leased car that you do not expect to buyout. I'd fully expect BMW will be much harder on this going forward due to the exponential growth of flash tuning in the past few years
Iíll answer this Tuning my BMWs with something mild with a Stage 1 tune is just no-brainer extra power. If I buy a piggyback tune like Dinantronics then I can easily enjoy it while I have the car, remove it, sell the DINANtronics and return the leased vehicle. I may lose 50-60% on the original price of the tune but itís worth the fun times with the extra power. Also Iím usually careful about not scraping wheels but Iím sure we know bmw wheels are super expensive. So Iíve even put new wheels on my leased cars, scraped them and then reinstalled the factory wheels before turning in the lease. No lease end fees and I just sell the wheels. Win-win IMO