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Originally Posted by Ak31rr View Post
I had a few questions on a new 2020 BMW M4 Lease
I am located in central florida and lurked the forums from time to time
I have a build code and ready to play.
Called a tampa dealership who gave me a msrp of 90K and was "willing" to knock of about 2%+ or 5K from the msrp. I stated i would call back before we go to specifics because this seemed low based on what deals everyone else is getting on the forms.

How are ppl getting 10-15% knocked off msrp on brand new builds ???
Please guide me. I am willing to call other dealers out of state just need to know where to start.
First, take what you read here with a grain of salt. When you read that someone got "10-15% before incentives", those are often unique scenarios and not something you can expect dealerships to hand out even with long negotiations. Unless it's a demo, old stock (model year or generation) or you are a current BMW owner with issues with your car, no dealership will willingly sell you a vehicle at a loss. Period. On average, the markup is 7-7.2% on MSRP. So it's extremely far-fetched for someone to receive at 10-15% discount.

What is more likely is that the 10-15% discount includes BMW incentives but doesn't disclose it on the forum for whatever reason because I guess it's a thing to to boast about how much discount you got. I don't know.

Second, always have your information and calculations on hand and make sure it's accurate! It is not enough for you to walk into a dealership and ask for a discount because you read that someone else got it. You will get further if you are able to minimize the amount of questions the salesperson could rebuttal with. Is it the same model year? Same color? Same packages? Incentives/credits the same month/month?

Not every dealership will be willing to give what you are asking for but if you are able to lay everything on the table where you do not give sales people any room to wiggle or maneuver around what you are asking for , you will get at least one dealership to bite.

As for MY2020 builds, I would be extremely surprised if someone did get 10-15% off with no BMW assist on a regular deal. Perhaps the U.S. is a bit different but as far as I know, BMW rarely has any sort of credits on new MY vehicles aside from Loyalty which is always available. Unless you're in California where competition is intense, I don't see any dealership willingly giving up all their gross on a new MY vehicle when they're not fully in stock yet.

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