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Originally Posted by DocL View Post
That is a great idea. All dealerships have access the the DMV services and have plates in stock. They may charge you to process the paperwork, however you'll at least be able to get plates and drive the car.
Thanks guys for the helpful responses. I just made an appointment at the SOS / DMV for the first available option of 6/12, which based on activediff experience is clearly subject to change. I also put in a call to my contact at the local BMW Dealer to see if they could help. I was told that they do have the ability to do the paperwork but due to the registration paperwork requirements they can only do it for vehicles in their inventory. I asked him to inquiry further and will let you guys know if he comes back with anything else. I sure hope there is an alternate option even if just temporarily to be able to use the vehicle until SOS/DMV operations return to "normal".