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Originally Posted by Mistertmac View Post
Great looking car!

I have a few questions about your spring/spacer setup.
You mentioned trying 12mm instead of 10mm all around? Would you rather have 12mm Front and 10mm rear? Or is the 10mm all around the way to go?

How is the ride quality with the ACS Springs? Is it noticeable? Bouncier?

Thanks in advance, I have a MY17 F80 ZCP and the front wheel gap is getting harder to look at every day.
I never got round to trying 12mm spacers, I still think about it every now and again but for now I'll keep to the 10mm versions. When I got the spacers was still on standard springs so was nervous it would be too much after lowering. But I think the setup could cope with 12mm spacers.

As for the ACS springs, I'm no expert but in my opinion it is not worse than the standard springs. It is definitely not bouncier.

And I know what you mean about the front wheel gap.