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Adjusting the steering rack screw solved my brotherís 17 M3 clunk. Took car to dealer to replace cracking seats emblems and asked shop foreman to adjust rack at our cost. We provided tool as they did not have any -they just replace steering rack, we were told. We did tell foreman to mark the OEM position of bolt and turn clockwise no more than 1/8 of turn. They did.

No questions asked about adjustment (1 hour of labor) or black seat emblems replacing the cracked silver ones. Steering feel is no different but wheel is crooked by millimeters, wheel alignment will be required.

Originally Posted by Racer20 View Post
Being in this field, I'm familiar with the difference between what marketing materials claim vs why something was actually done. Both are true . . . Steering response is probably better, but that would only occur if the joint was insufficient rigid in the first place.

I'm not fully buying into the steering gear explanation yet because it doesn't fit with the evidence (on my car) but I'll certainly be happy to be wrong. At least that means it's fixable.

Keep us posted, looking forward to hearing if it solves the issue for you.

Note that my clunk is significantly louder and heavier than the clunk I heard on the 2017 car I drove. There very well could be multiple things going on here.