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Originally Posted by N1rve View Post
The F8X has been the most reliable M car to date. Not a lot of problems aside from the overly exacerbated spun crank hub problem that occurs in a small percentage of cars. Mostly if you tuned it then you will have a higher chance of running into that problem, but still a small percentage. Probably a higher chance of being struck by lightning than getting a spun crank hub.

The most important things are going to be your options that you want (executive, competition, color, etc).

I wouldn't factor too much in year unless you want LCI tail lights and ICON headlights.

Whichever car you pick, just mainly focus on option and transmission you want.
So is there an opportune time of year to purchase? I rarely see 6M let alone competitive attached as an option. Was hoping winter would increase likelihood of trade-ins.