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After looking at the long list of cars you've tried, and knowing what you've owned, I don't think anything out there is going to check all of the boxes. I can also say you'll never find something that doesn't have some flaw that will bug you, or, which will be good but rather boring and uninspiring. I can say that because I been down the same road you're on. It's an expensive dead end road.

If you've got a 100K CDN budget, buy a daily car/truck that checks the practical box, is pretty cheap and not something to worry about (dings, accidents, rust, salt, etc.). Drive the "fun" car on weekends or once or twice a week (at most).

The boring and practical daily driver plus more exciting weekend car (whatever that may be) is an exercise in contrasts that will make the fun car so much more a special experience.

Compared to the DD, it's going to see like a rocket, have feel, and perform. And you won't drive it enough days back to back to start focusing on the "issues". The experience will be about fun, and, again, it's relative to the boring (or better yet crummy) DD.

Insurance and depreciation factors with the above aren't bad. Especially if the "fun" car is something like a Z4 which is relatively cheap.
nice to know of a kindred spirit
what you suggest makes a lot of sense for keeping the flame alive
thing is...i dont even commute...i only drive about 100 miles a week...cant justify 2 cars at that usage
part of me thinks that i will have to simply compromise in the end and just get a car that is just ok to me...
Nuts. That nixes the concept.

My last crazy idea is a Z4M. Maybe look at a Z again?

The weekend/track car I still have after many many others have come and gone is my Z4M. But that one, well, it's special. Not practical, so forget that, but it's not a car that falls into the "ok" or "uninspiring" category.

The Z4M is by no means perfect, or electro-integrated iPhone/Android on wheels modern. But it makes make smile. Always. I've grown to love its quirks, because it's a challenge to drive well and dance with. When I get it right it rewards like no other--it's exhilarating! Because I have to work to extract that performance, so it's me plus the car not just the car. The work it requires provides the reward. It's fun. It's rewarding. So many "better" cars do the work for you. Which is boring. Flattering? Yes. Rewarding? Not so much.

Steering and connection to the road is on par or better that Porsche's top end offerings (in the /M). I added a BBK to bring those up to better spec, stock is a bit lacking in feel, and added a better suspension. Also, axle back, xpipe, headers, oh the sound! With those relatively minor mods it's simply a joy.

You can always rent or hire a hauler--vehicle or even a person if/when needed, and Amazon and other deliver. And you can get one for a fraction of the budget you've put out there, leaving plenty for hourly/daily hauler rental or personnel to pick up and deliver for you. Rent/hire. Even if not a Z4, that's a way to potentially take the practical out of the requirements list which would open options considerably.

That's my 2.5 cents. YYMD.

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