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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I disagree. If this simulation is correct on this point, and I believe it to be almost for sure so, redline shifts will be required in gears 1-3 or 1-4 in the new car for maximum acceleration, which is identical to the existing car. If you want the maximum performance, redline will be required, simple. Of course you could avoid some of the odd feeling associated with the tapering off of torque and acceleration at high rpms by shifting a bit early. Ultimately though that is like hoping you earn less money so you can pay less taxes!
Not really. I don't race in daily driving so maximum performace is not really important. It's the feel that counts for me in daily driving and as you guessed, the tapering or flattening of increased power output is not really rewarding for feel. The S65 however feels like it's just building power all the time and the feel for the last 2000 rpms is epic. Not all of us buy cars to be "fastest" at the stop lights but for the sensations they generate . I don't really care if it pulls mid 4s or mid 3s to 60mph or if the trap speed at the quarter is 110 or 130. I do care about the steering feel though and I don't want massive turbo lag or abrupt power bumps, don't mess it up BMW!