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Originally Posted by BigMacSmallFries View Post
Oh really?? Thanks bud! That takes care of it all. Just ignore all the 7.6-8.4 0-160 times that have been posted for the LP560, and ONLY post that of the PRESS car. Thank you, you're clearly correct, all those other publications weren't flooring the pedal all the way.

Type in "lamborghini lp560-4 0-160 seconds" into google and see the times you get on the first couple of pages. Hint: They average out close to 8. Finding the fastest time on a press car isn't called 'proof', it just means you might be naive.
I sense a little sarcasm...

Dude don't get your panties all in a bunch, i just wanted to know where you got your data, I see now, from "the first couple of pages" from google comment that you've got about as much "proof" as what i offered, at least I had the decency to link the damn sites.

Oh and thanks for saying a might be naive, you're a real class act.