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Originally Posted by Remonster View Post
Making high RPM power with a turbo motor is easy if you don't mind turbo lag, the problem for M is satisfying both the people who want instant throttle response and low-RPM torque and the people who want huge turbos that can flow plenty of air and maintain 18psi of boost at 8,00RPM. I don't know if you've experienced an HPF car in person but they have some serious turbo lag, much more than most M drivers would be willing to put up with and waaayy more than an N54 or N55.

Search the web and you'll find some complaints about the MP4-12c's turbo lag, too. I read a forum post from an owner who said it felt pretty boring below 3,000RPM
Like you always wanted your supercar to be exciting under 3k rpm, take the car away from the cheque book enthusiast.