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Originally Posted by evanescent03
Originally Posted by Lojs
Installed my RS29-s yesterday. Took me more like 3 hours instead of 1. The pins are a bit of PITA. They dont seem to go back in that easily.

On the bright side: pads are wonderful. Bedded them in really well. Driving them around the city no squeal at all. With windows down in underground parking you can barely hear some more friction sound. Also when changing rolling direction between D and R they make a clunking noise as they seem to be a tiny bit smaller than the OEMs and move in the caliper with the rotors. No big deal.
Will test them on Sunday on track.
The first time can take a little bit longer? as with most other things but I put my stock pads back in yesterday in about 40 minutes or so using a floor jack. with the pins you need to make sure you punch them far enough back initially and then it helps to hold the clip with your other hand to take some tension off the pins and they will come out pretty easily. Putting the pins back in takes a little bit of wiggling and repositioning but again if you put a little pressure on the spring and helps prevent redirecting the pin. What was the procedure used for bedding The pads? My bedding procedure was pretty loose this time but seemed to work better than most of my previous bedding procedures (following Hawk protocol) ...
For sure there is a learning curve. But I can't imagine doing it in under one hour.

As for bedding I just drove 15 mins to the closest autobahn at night and took a dozen hard brakings 100-20 kmh and then 150-50 and then 200-50.