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Exclamation EAS - problem with customer service

I am posting this here in the hope that someone from EAS will read and respond to it.

I made an order through their website and paid through PayPal on the 29th of May. I found out when I called about a week later after not receiving any reply to my emails that payment shouldn't have gone through as they only accept wire transfers from international customers.

This was my last email which I also haven't heard back from them on:

"Dear EAS team,

I called to inquire about the status of my order a couple of days ago and your representative informed me that my payment will be refunded as it wasn't supposed to be accepted since you only accept wire transfers. He promised to do so and to write to me with an update as soon as possible.

It has been a week since I placed my order and I wrote to you twice already without any reply. I will probably also lose out some money on my refund due to currency exchange rates and none of this is my fault so I hope you understand my frustration.

Can I please have an update on the status of my refund and the availability of the parts that I have ordered so I can arrange for payment through wire transfer?

I have only heard good things about EAS and I hope that this is only a small hiccup that can be fixed so I can continue to do business with you.

P.S. I write to you from a different email address to the one I used when I placed my order. The other was a Yahoo account.


I am a diligent buyer and I only placed my order with EAS after reading a number of positive reviews of their customer service. I am not posting here to smear, I just need a reasonable resolution to my problem and I need it ASAP.