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Originally Posted by chriscecc914 View Post
If BMW engineers are targeting E46 M3 weight and end up just 50 pounds lighter they need to find another profession.

I doubt that they will meet that goal exactly but just the fact that BMW has stated something like this will likely mean significant weight loss, not just a few pounds.

What's with all the negative nancys around here?
It's called realism actually.

The F series is not really lighter than the previous generation, unless you think a questionable 50lbs is a triumph.

The only M version which weighed less than the base car was the 1M, at I think 77lbs less. That is mainly because the car comes without a sunroof. There is simply no way to make the car massively lighter without throwing away luxury features and seats and stuff, something BMW is just unwilling to do. A carbon roof saves 20lbs or so, the M seats are heavier, aluminum hood nets you a few pounds, you name it.

I am a loyal BMW owner, 3 euro deliveries so far, and would like nothing better than to go for the fourth one. But consider this: more people bought the current one *because* of that engine, than were turned off by the poor gas mileage. And I don't see them being very serious about weight loss except in the i series.

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