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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Haha, it sounds pretty good, just the classic straight six sound, slightly muffled from the n/a days though. My wife's previous car was an N54 135i that didn't have as much turbo noise as this N55 (which is carrying around a good bit more weight). It still has the DI sound at idle, so sounds a little diesel-ish.

I like your combo of cars, I've debated getting an E90 M3 to replace the M Coupe I had for a dozen years, but I really want something lighter and just a touch less thirsty. I think they're keepers though and being the last of the n/a M cars it should really have a solid place in history. I haven't completely resigned from picking one up though.
I agree. It is a thirsty car. I also think the tank is just a bit too small making fill ups too frequent. I do think it's a good balance of cars though. We have the space and utility we need out of her car and it does surprisingly well on gas. I live in a very hilly area and we average 26 to 27 mpg in her car. Not too bad. So with the offset of the 15-16 I get in my car it all averages out to be not too bad. Some E90 M3 owners have reporterd much better mpg, but I drive it like an M. Why have that power if you're not gonna use it.
I definitely love the NA V8. I don't have any idea what I will replace it with when that time comes. There's nothing out there that does it for me like my car does. Fortunately that decision is a long time off for me. I plan on driving it into the ground. I've never been so enamoured with any car and I've had my fair share of fun cars. I will say that the 135i Msport 6MT impressed me far more than I expected it too. That is a light and nimble little rocket. Not too thirsty either comparitively.
Those M coupes are sweet too! Do you still have it?