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Sold it about a year ago, which was difficult, but I'd had my fun with it. Tracked it plenty, moved from Texas to California and back with it and it was bullet proof and always put a smile on my face. I switched jobs and went from a 60 mile roundtrip day to 4 miles r/t and it never got a chance to get the oil temp up and I just felt bad doing that to it, so I have a beater now and have been looking for an appropriate weekend car.

I intended to buy a Boxster Spyder, but the new one is proving to be tempting too, and I keep bouncing back to an E90 M3, a BRZ or a 993. In other words, I don't really have a clue what's next.

The 1er was fun, but the lack of an LSD just makes for a really limited car, I can't understand why BMW doesn't offer a real LSD as an option on their non-M cars. The M235i seems promising, but I'm sure the M2 will be much better sorted. I'm patient, I will likely wait to see what happens on that front before making a decision, unless Subaru sorts out a BRZ STI or Porsche gets serious about a Cayman GT3 first.