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Originally Posted by Bm4Mee3 View Post
bought my first bmw 6 weeks ago its the 318i 2008 facelift model and i must say im not impressed with the car its all i ever wanted been driving fords,vw,eg for 15 years and thought it was time for an upgrade only to find out i should have kept my wee focus
A 318i...are you sure? That would suggest it is a non-turbo 4 cylinder. Don't think they sold those in the US in 2008.

Second...if you are only driving to and from the grocery store...I'd also vote for a Ford or VW.

Truly....few, few folks would have the same impression you have. Just look at the test reports in any magazine or website. The 3 series is a king in the handling department....and probably more reliable than the Ford or VW (Consumer Report).