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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
It might be a more approachable reply to not dismiss something as "garbage" without providing some ideas as to specific concerns. Cars get faster, this is normal and we have not seen much slowing of this progression.

This is clearly not as fast as a 2011-2012 GT-R. I've seen low 11s reported for that car.

It's all about power and weight. If this car gets 450 hp and has a weight in line with my ESTIMATE. It simply WILL be this fast.
So it will go from a reported 12.7@113 to over 120?

The new m5 does 12.0@119... my FBO on E85 335i barely traps 120 and you are saying this new m3 will do it no problem? My car dyno'd 430 whp which is almost 500 crank hp if you count a 15% auto drivetrain loss, then how do you figure a 430-450 crank HP car will do this? Even with a 100lb advantage this will be impossible... the only current sub 100K cars that can do this are the C6 Z06, Mustang gt500, Nissan GTR and Viper...

You need to recalculate your numbers asap man... lol