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Originally Posted by sunsweet View Post
My preference is just that. Putting these sound samples next to each other, people are more than capable to decide what's best for their ears. thank you.

The cabin "reproduced" engine sound in the F8x is better for comparison, right

I think it is not about being better as each gen M3 had a different set of goals and is designed to meet these goals. Marketing is trying to shift perception of what makes a good M3. True engine sound is not easily put under the rug.
I just thought that the title of your thread was inconsistent with the content. It's not "real sound" nor "no trick" as we have different recording equipment and even outside vs inside sound comparisons...

In fact the title should read "Inconsistent comparison of non comparable sounds (not remotely realistic and tricked so that the E9x M3 comes out with the best sound)"