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Originally Posted by paddy335 View Post
I do understand what you are trying to say. I also think you might be over-estimating how many people will actually tune the new engines.

It's one thing to speculate about potential power gains on a forum, and another altogether to actually do it. I think engine tuning will remain very niche on these cars until they trickle through into the post-warranty market, mainly because they will already be stonkingly quick and 99% of buyers won't be messing with their warranties.

No doubt there will be some wealthy modders and hp-queens who'll give it a go though.
ya i know. i really loved BMW M cars for years now.

there is just so many dramatic changes its hard for some to adjust. if you ask me its a lot easier for 335 owners than M3 owners. because the new M4 is more like a modded 335i than M3s we have had over the years. (engine wise). in fact i have read it also will sound similar to a 335i.

not to mention my mom just picked up a F30 335i. which i drive often. so i am not completely closed minded.