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Originally Posted by Robin_NL View Post
Anyway. I'm not mocking anything. It s just the way I read it. And I've been around here for some time, having had E90 335/E90M3 etc etc.

I just didn't like the S65 in the E90 M3 that much. Or don't I have the right to say that here?

Come to think of it, my best friend's dad had an F40 a few years ago...great Ferrari.

And yes I believe a 458 engine is a tad more exotic than the S65 in terms of fast throttle response, torque, sound, higher revving etc.

Please prove me wrong.

no one is saying the S65 is a exotic engine. more so that the S65 is KIND OF like a exotic engine. being high revs, individual cylinder throttle body, 8400RPM red line ect.

doesn't hold a candle to a 458!

and ya we can disagree on engines. its no big deal, its all just car talk.

for me sound is a very very good important thing when it comes to a engine. some people dont care about sound rather making big power. etc....

its all good