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Originally Posted by Jockey View Post
The only engine mod I've done to my 135 is the BMW PPK1 flash. That's it. I don't even need that much power on the street. Hell, on the track, I don't need that much power. I'm not a good enough driver, that's what I need to fix first.

Suspension, brakes, tires, yeah, I changed all of those because that's where I felt the 135 was lacking.

Do I really think the M3 is going to be lacking anything? Not really. I sure as hell won't need more power and I definitely wouldn't know what to do with that extra power if I had it anyways.

Again, IMO, just because the F8X is FI doesn't mean more people are going to flock to the car because of the ability to tune it.
Agreed. I have no intention of tuning this car. Nor would most buyers, I suspect.

I have owned tuned cars before, but somehow doubt that I will need to with this one.