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Originally Posted by Ezio View Post

my whole thing is that i want to make sure everyone knows why BMW went with a S55 engine. i want to make it clear. because you have to many people coming thinking BMW went with a S55 because its "better" . when i know BMW would rather be making what they have made for years in M cars. if we can come to a agreement on that i would stop posting. the engine is to cost cut and get better MPG. ok? are we good?
I think this is presumptuous. The S55 has better power delivery with less weight, more efficiency, and lower emissions. One of the core complaints of the S65 was it's quite soft low-end power delivery; the S55 addresses that and thus will likely sell more. It can be built at the same plant as the N55. It's design is a better balanced engine than the S65 in terms of engine harmonics and BMW is famous for inline sixes, so they can play that up. By all accounts thus far, the S55 is a better engine and may ALSO allow BMW to cut costs in the process which might go to more profit OR might go to other things like weight savings. Or both.

Your subjective opinion, which is perfectly fine, is that the s65 sounds better (though that's based upon sound clips) and that the s65 appears to be more special, though you haven't driven an s55 yet.

I just want to point out how this plays out when reading your forum. Your posts have been quite repeatedly putting the s65 and s55 on the balancing scales and weighing heavily towards the s65. The s55 is a better engine on paper; however, you weigh emotion more heavily - understandable.

However, without driving or experiencing the s55 in person you have declared it to sound worse and not be as special.

Let's just be clear here.