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Originally Posted by Kaxon View Post
IMHO the Cayman is a gorgeous car, way better looking than the 911. I do wish it had more power, so the GTS sounds interesting, but bumping it by just 15 HP isn't that impressive. I wish they'd just make one with the 3.8L Carrera S engine.

Also, it sounds like the GTS will only come with 20 inch wheels... yuck. I don't get the huge wheels craze, big wheels are harsh and heavy. Ugh.
+1 on comparrisson to the 991-911, I really do like the Cayman more. But it definitive needs more power, especially below 4K RPM IMHO

I would like the EPS-steering feel to be better, it has no feel/ too little to say the least IMHO, take the GT3 EPS system and it can be solved quickly.

18-19" are possible if you want to, but I must confess the 20" are 1st class lookers.