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Originally Posted by w3rkn View Post
Why not an M2..?

It will be slighting longer wheel base than you 1M, & lighter. Not-to-mention better handling than both the M4 and Cayman.

M2 could be, but it`ll take up to 215 (maybe even 2016) before riding the streets. There are also rumors it`ll only be delivered as a 4 banger.

Also that M2 is growing in size once again, the nicest part of the 1M is it`s compactness, which I do really love ( it is a very nice coincidence that the 981-Cayman S has exact the proportions as the 1M, only wheelbase is different)

Engine wise the NA vs Turbo discussion is tough, both are great on their own way, but the turbo in street riding has made mee feel spoiled somewhat, the instant power feel/delivery is just insane, high reving engines are great also on feel and sound, but not always possible in daily driving ( I dit have an E46 M3 and an E92 M3, so have been there done that)

Further rumors are that Porsche is going to build only turbo charged engines from 2016 and on, because of EU CO2 emission regulations/laws

The Cayman is a serious alternative for me, the EPS will be better and evolving in time, engine developments are on the way as we speak.

We will see what happens for succesion of the 1M, which is for me the most rewarding Bimmer ever driven. Could be I `ll never give her up