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Passive vs. Adaptive M Suspension for Comfort

I have a bad back and am looking for the suspension option which gives the most comfortable ride on roads that are less that ideal, which seem to be most of them When I say comfort, I mean minimizing road vibration and harshness. I will use the car as a daily driver with no track use. Price is not as issue, since the adaptive option is only $1,000 more.

I test drove an M3 with passive suspension and thought that the car in comfort setting was acceptable. Unfortunately, here are no cars in my area that have Adaptive M Suspension that I can demo and compare with the passive suspension.

I have searched this forum and have found that people are split on these two suspensions in terms of comfort. For example, one person thought that the Adaptive comfort setting felt harsher than the Passive comfort setting. Other people have said that the Adaptive in comfort is softer than the Passive suspension and ideal for everyday use and is a bargain at $1,000.

For those who have driven both suspensions, I would like to get your opinion on which you think offers a more comfortable ride.