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Originally Posted by Padfan9 View Post
I intended to leave my M4 suspension alone since it handles so great already, plus I have the adaptive M suspension (a must have) so I didn't want to mess with it.

I was told the KW HAS springs were best if I want to lower the car. I am keeping my 19" black wheels, but I don't like the fender gap. I was thinking to lower it around .6 and get the suspension. My car is in the shop for a month anyways, so they will put them on for free while they are fixing a few other things.

What do you guys think? Will it be much harsher then stock? How will the car handle around corners vs stock? Any thoughts?
EAS installed the KW HAS kit and Macht Schnell 15fr/12rr mm spacers (great guys btw).

Padfan...did you see EAS's thread...
Post #166 is a pic my car if you want to see the height (didn't have the spacers installed in those pics as they were out of stock, but they were installed at a later date)

There's a ton of other pics of M4/M3s with KW HAS, H&R springs and different spacer combinations in the thead.

As for the ride of the KW HAS (I have the standard, non-adaptive suspension w/ stock 19s), its really smoother than I anticipated. That's not to say it isn't a bit harsh, but the stock non-adaptive suspension was a bit harsh as well. Comparing the KW vs the stock, non adaptive suspension...I honestly can't tell much of a difference (that is a testament to how well the KW HAS is matched to the stock dampers).

Also, this isn't my daily, but if it was, I would think the ride would be too tiresome to drive everyday...but I'm getting old. If I was in my 20s (I'm 42), I probably would've lowered it more and driven it that way 24/7.

I just asked EAS to lower the front to match the rear so I didn't lower it much. The rear was not lowered beyond the highest KW setting.

I highly recommend the KW HAS if all you want to do is even out the reverse rake. I don't track this car at all, but if I did, I would be looking at KW V2/V3s or TC Kline C/Os.

Also, the Macht Schnells spacers seem to be a quality product...have had zero issues with them.

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