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Originally Posted by bigsid05 View Post
Right now, all ED cars, except M models, come out of a separate allocation pool. It means these are bonus sales for the dealership. And despite the limitation on allocations for ED M cars, dealerships are still willing to go pretty close to invoice.

You can negotiate further with your dealership, I got it down to $1k over invoice and others have gone lower.
Good to know about the allocation stuffs. And I'll keep negotiating.

Originally Posted by OneRib View Post
2K above ED invoice is a good deal in So Cal. You might be able to do a little better but it may not be worth it. BMW has a proprietary formula based on various metrics that determine how many and what type of cars a dealer gets. Most dealers have a decent idea of how many of each car they get per month but it can vary. I think BMW tells dealers their allocations about 3 months in advance.

From what I understand, so many Europeans speak English, it won't matter. You probably just need to learn a few common phrases. I have not heard of anyone on this forum having difficulty because the can't speak German. Everyone connected with BMW that you will speak to knows English. Don't let that stop you from doing ED.

FYI I don't speak a word of German and I'm doing ED this summer.
Thanks for the encouragement about the ED purchase. I think I'm gonna go ahead with ED. Now just need to find a fair deal. I'm pretty excited will keep you guys updated.