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Originally Posted by MatthewDavid View Post
Seriously, though, this is basically an exercise in freakonomics. You could probably buy a cheaper car, make it faster and more enjoyable at the track than an M3/4, but you didn't because you're an M enthusiast. Taking a step back, the same argument you're making about CCBs could also be made about your M. Next, you're going tell me and the rest of CA to move to a state without income tax or to shop exclusively at Target.

Brakes. You know why I did it? I guess because I can.
no, its an exercise in futility really. i got ceramics and tried them for myself. repeatedly i have said go for it to anyone that wants to try it for themselves. Based on my experience i decided not to waste money on them again and I gave my reasons. I got nothing against people that want to buy ceramic brakes but I don't need any more people gloating over perceived benefits when they aren't proven or simply do not exist. thats bullshit.

an m3 is faster at any track than a 335. thats measurable. a ccb equipped m3 can get around a track faster than a stainless steel braked m3? prove it. a ccb rotor is worth the higher cost when used on track? prove it. i have found its by far more expensive. a ccb rotor is easier to use on track? prove it. its way more pain in the ass to keep measuring them for thickness and inspecting for rock chips.

You can live wherever you wish. I lived in LA for several years. It was great but like any place it has its good and bad points.
"It gave you amazing satisfaction, but anyone who says he loved it is either a liar or he wasn't going fast enough." - Jackie Stewart on racing at the Nurburgring