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Originally Posted by 04RC51 View Post
Haha, so true. There surely are some interesting people on this forum.

People are worried about the value of CCBs when buying a premium brand sportscar to begin with is a complete waste of money. We get them all on this forum, that's for sure!
The M3 is the best performing vehicle in its price range that can still carry actual passengers, has a usable trunk, and is genuinely usable every day. Thats why I have one now. If there were another car that did all that better and looked good while costing less I would have picked that.

The 991 GT3 RS is 180k track toy. I will bet 90% of them that are tracked heavily will be optioned with steel rotors. Do you think the folks ordering these cars are concerned with a $9000 option having value or not for the purpose of the car? You bet. If they were such an important factor to the cars performance why wouldn't it just be standard? PDK is since its just plain faster with it and also facilitates the rear wheel steering which makes it handle better. yet ceramic brakes are optional and even more so they aren't optioned by people that use the car on a track. so their merits are much more for show than go. to state otherwise makes no sense.

Just about every club out there requires a technical inspection performed before driving on a track. Nothing wrong with inspecting your brakes before and after driving. When you start assuming that pushing a car on a track with other people is a safe activity that is when accidents happen. relating inspecting the ceramic rotors for their unique attributes and limitations and performing an engine tear down after a track session is nonsensical. I do however check for any fluid leaks. if someone doesn't take this seriously on the track then I don't want them driving anywhere near me. it sucks to have a preventable problem cause you to miss out on a session. it sucks more to have that issue happen while pushing the car and causing an incident. it really sucks when the person in front of you didnt do their job and causes you to have a bad day.
"It gave you amazing satisfaction, but anyone who says he loved it is either a liar or he wasn't going fast enough." - Jackie Stewart on racing at the Nurburgring