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Originally Posted by larryn
I had a date change for my ED when I added top/side cameras. The reason that I was told was that since I had Amaro leather and got the XT1 option, it is an individual car (even says so on the sticker under hood), and individual ED cars cannot be modified once accepted. My dealer actually used a different allocation for adding the top/side camera, and used the first car as dealer inventory.

Once a different allocation was used, it was assigned a different date/time, which I was able to get the date fixed, but not the early starting scheduled time. It turned out that I got there early anyway and they moved me up a few hours.

Your story sounds like it is still the same allocation, so not sure about that...
Hm... That's interesting

My original build was with SO ext and I decided to go with AB with leather dash. I was told that it was too late to add xt1 option and if I really want it I have to go with MY17. So I went back to SO full leather this time and that's when the date was mixed up. Maybe all that going back and forth caused it.

And yes, that's all under the same production number.