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Originally Posted by Ade_7 View Post
It is very different to be honest. Initially I was letting the DCT do its thing while I just got a feel for the car, it defaulted to efficient mode and changes up the cogs very quickly so the first few times I started to want to make progress I was in far too high a gear without realising. Hence was a little underwhelmed. As soon as you start taking charge of the gears as you should it is an animal. Trying to catch gear shifts before it gets past 5500rpm is trickier than you'd think!

For me there is no comparison, it feels so much more lively in every aspect it's difficult to believe it is the same base (some way off in the past) car.

Ironically I was trying to avoid carbon parts but it seems that very few places sell parts that aren't carbon for them..... So I've taken the carbon parts on the chin with a view to just getting them painted if they start to bother me (hence not going mad for OEM Mperformance parts).
I had the same experience in my test. With the autobox in comfort doing its thing, it didn't feel much faster than my 330d, but put in sport + with the paddles and ring the gears out it certainly was a bit more spikey

I had 2 test drives, and after the first I was concerned about the power, but second when I warmed up the car and was in sport + it def felt more aggressive