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Originally Posted by PeteRock View Post
I had the same experience in my test. With the autobox in comfort doing its thing, it didn't feel much faster than my 330d, but put in sport + with the paddles and ring the gears out it certainly was a bit more spikey

I had 2 test drives, and after the first I was concerned about the power, but second when I warmed up the car and was in sport + it def felt more aggressive
I don't feel with mine it needs to be in sport + it hugely quicker in all driving modes, it just needs a little more consideration to the gear you're in. It just won't pull hard from 40 in 6th after years of diesel cars it easy to forget the differences. So it took me a few minutes to adjust.

But now the biggest part of getting away quickly for me if trying to ensure the traction control doesn't step in reducing all power....

When I get a chance for a nice day drive on my own I'll get into MDM and start to experiment a little