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Originally Posted by dopper99 View Post
Hows the car Ade? Any more to say on it now you've had it a few days?

(you can tell the wait for ours is doing our heads in!)
I was exactly the same with the wait for mine. Reading and watching everything I could find, and then re-reading and watching it all

I'm still loving it really. For the first time today I thought two things..

The exhaust isn't that much "fun". It's louder with the controllers on and valves open but it doesn't have that spine tingle of a proper exhaust system that sort of car deserves..... I'm going to just have to live with that for now as the missus will kill me if I start throwing any more cash at it!

I'm starting to get used to the power already..... I was giving it some running "beans" I believe is the technical term and whilst it is very quick the short shifting is really starting to annoy me. It feels like it's just starting to pull hard and you have to shift making me want more....
I'm at about 500 miles now so will have to just live with it until the RIS but I really want to ring it out and see where it's at

Fingers crossed only a week or two until I can get enough miles on to get it booked in and then really unleash it