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Remove the Sunroof cassette (which has aluminum frame now :-) ) and the door frame weatherstrips (surprisingly heavy)

Remove the doors off the car, use 12V to the motor wires to move the window to a position where you can remove those gear shaped headed bolts that hold the window glass to the window motor tracks/cables and pull the glass out. There are 4 of those in the picture, but there are only 2 per side. We use a flat punch and a hammer on the teeth of that thing to rotate it to get them started. Once started, there is like a torx T20 in the center of the bolt part.

Next, remove the harness and motor track/cable assembly

Have the front and rear glass removed (I suggest a mobile windshield installer so you can try not to break either one and re-use them) and here you go. From the track on Sunday to Wed. night with no glass and no doors
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