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Gees Racer, deep dive indeed...

Every-time I've worked on the suspension on this car (remove struts, added camber plates, removed swaybar endlinks) the car has exhibited a clunk, every-time. Sometimes it appears right away or after a few miles on the road.

And everytime I've either 1. torqued the strut top nut down more or 2. torqued the swaybar endlink while the car is loaded on the ground.

Method: Car is naturally loaded, turn wheel to full load, get your impact driver in-between the tire and wheel liner so you can access the swaybar nut. Loosen it so there's a little play between the strut and the endlink then impact tighten it. Not torqued by a torque wrench, just using the impact itself.

One of two ideas mentioned have always solved the issue for me. Even had to do it after replacing the struts themselves (so new struts had no impact on the issue).

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