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Originally Posted by M3ryder55 View Post
well i prefer they were unpainted/or black stock like the e9x because for me at least its one less area of the car to touch when modding it to the look you want.
Ok, sounds reasonable. sure.

I'm not a fan of the blue because i feel like it will be hard to match w/.. ie.. mineral grey, SK, and blue calipers?
SK? Forgive me for not understanding that shorthand.

idk this is subjective obviously. I've always liked that bronze/gold brake caliper look though and feel like the ccb's calipers and color just fit this new gen so well and can match w/ many combos more friendly. And since I got to paint them I might as well do a color I'd like. Thats what i meant.

THE ISSUE here is that the blue calipers are not going to match many of the standard colors available. BMW has done an incredible job w/ this new generation IMO in every area. But the colors are disastrous. I'm trying to convince myself to like
I really don't understand how gold is a better match for the palette of exterior colors? Sure there is AY, but there is also YMB which looks great with the blue brakes. Those two exterior colors aside, either blue or gold brake calipers are going to offer a contrast to the sheet metal paint color which is exactly what they are intended to do by the way.

And, if I am honest, I have to say I just don't understand when or why we are now gravitating toward gold accents on cars today. Maybe I am just getting too old, but I have always done everything I can to keep golden-colored anything off of my car and that isn't likely to change. Blue? Sure, blue is great. But gold? I mean are people now painting intakes, valve covers, gold? Gold stripes down the car is next? I kid, but you know.