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Sport exhaust option

Originally Posted by ss134 View Post
I wish BMW would offer the performance parts/exhausts as an option for the car that can be specified when you place your order.
As annoying as I find it that I MAY have to buy another exhaust to get the sound I want ( and that should come as standard) on an M3 , I find it more irritating that if I decided that the sound was not great and I wanted the performance exhaust I now have to buy in effect a second exhaust from BMW ( already paid for the stock one with the car).
Offering these parts from the factory would allow customers to order exactly what they want without charging them twice for the same part- Porsche does it.
Come on BMW sort it out.
+1. Having to throw away a perfectly good exhaust to get a sportier option sucks. Should be a factory option. Then maybe it would be ~$1,500 rather than $3,000+.

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