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Originally Posted by F30form View Post
Everyone wants everything don't they. I am sure no one is imagining the logistics involved in just randomly putting on different parts in a factory. Has anyone here actually been to a factory? Every single piece and tool is specially made to do ONE job. Once you start introducing new parts into the job things get a lot more complicated and expensive - Fast.

And WTF is this about paying two times for an exhaust? So you are saying the WHOLE car modifying culture is pointless because "they should do it from the factory". What? What dream world are you living in? Since when has a MFG EVER decided to factory install hardcore performance parts for the 1% of people who think the factory exhaust just "will not do". Seriously. What.

Just an FYI - ALL PARTS INSTALLED AT THE PORT are now FULLY RESIDUALIZED on leases. I don't know how it can get even better for someone who wants performance parts on their car.

Rant over.
If you want (M) Performance parts on your car, you can possibly be paying twice for your:
- exhaust
- brakes
- seats
- front bumper
- rear bumper
- gear lever
- interior trim

And you already paid for the original (non-performance) of these parts.

Adding some 10-15 different performance parts, for a complete model line (example: 314, 316, 318, 320, 325, 328, 335 al have the same performance parts) , to the inventory of thousands of parts, doesn't seem like a big deal to me.

Integrating it into a factory production line, that's something else.

But if other manufacturers can let you choose at order time between different seats (comfort / sport) or a standard or sport exhaust, why can't BMW ?

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