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Originally Posted by gtr View Post
As a daily driver the M3/M4 is really hard to beat for a regular useable car that can be tracked. Porsche gets unwanted attention and not great for store runs.
True - a Cayman/Boxster/911 is not very good as an only car...

The unwanted attention Porsche sports cars get is one factor that prevented me from considering them seriously in the past. Didn't want to deal with that, and also with the fear that it would be vandalized. Not too many places where I would dare park it...

Another thing I don't like about these cars is how hard it is to repair them due to the lousy engine access. Even something like replacing the alternator is a big pain on the Cayman, for example. Parts of the interior need to be dismantled, the work is done from inside the car, etc. I wouldn't keep a 991 or 981 past the point where non-trivial work need to be done on the car.

Great cars to drive, but not very practical...