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Originally Posted by Wei718 View Post
Like I said previously I haven't done any research on this new platform yet so I am not 100% sure however I was looking through your DIY page and your 3rd picture shows a leveler right next to the springs on the left side. Take a look again.

Usually BMW have 2 sensors for the headlights. Front one is for the adaptive(swiveling) and the rear is vertically adjusted depending on the load that's in the car. That's usually where the problem comes from is from the rear.

Edit: to make it easier I copied your picture from your suspension DIY thread. See the arm right behind the shock? That should be the leveler and is held on possibly by a 10mm nut if they hadn't changed it.

Edit again: I am 100% positive that there is an sensor and leveler in the rear. Here's a chart from real oem showing the parts.

Good luck with your fix OP! I would target the rear suspension first before manually adjusting your headlamps.

Thanks for the info. Will try and crawl under the car this afternoon and have a look. I did confirm there is a leveler on the front and the rear. The shop said to me on the phone that they generally only disconnect the front one and not the back. That is strange to me if we are thinking the the leveler in the back is the one that controls height.

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