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Originally Posted by VCP View Post
I have driven both back to back on track and you are not correct.
ok, show me where your lap time improved with ccb's. or show me where you have a faster time 0-whatever with only ccb's being the difference.

oem pads for ccb's are soft...very soft. its so they don't wear through the thin friction layer on the ccb's. i would burn through them in a weekend on a gp track.

you can feel the difference well thats good for you. i don't. only difference like i said was they cost more. no choices on pad compound unless you really want to burn up expensive rotors. they are fragile. drop a wheel on the rotor while changing and chip it gotta replace them. go off in kitty litter and they chip gotta replace them. mandatory in porsche super cup and every one of them hate using them. way more expensive to run that standard steels. they aren't even legal in GT3 or GT4 even in 24 hour race. steels hold up just fine and much more durable. no performance benefit otherwise teams that can afford $350K+ euro cars would run them. its certainly not too expensive for them.
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