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Originally Posted by AM4ZING
Originally Posted by classyfast View Post
I don't understand why folks that do not hardcore track get these brakes in the first place. I'm sure the number of hardcore "dedicated track f8x M's" can be counted on one hand right now so why go with these? The technology is still pretty new for street cars, definitely would not consider it for my next M car
UNDERSTAND that you probably bought the wrong car...

What kind of mentality is that? Just cuz YOU cheaped out on brakes doesnt mean "you don't understand why people buy them! LMAO!!!!

The looks, lack of brake dust and stopping power are more than enough reasons for me to buy them....

I dont understand why cheap people have to bash on others.... Just cuz you didnt buy it doesnt make you superior and give you the right to talk down on the community (Your so-called non-hardcore drivers) lmfao dude this is ridiculous
I think your response was totally overboard.

Dude didn't bash at all. He simply said he can't understand why people that don't track their cars would buy CCB.. Just for the bling factor ? 8k on initial purchase is a lot to pay for less brake dust. ...

But hmmm. now that I think about it ... If you don't track your car....maybe he did call you a poseur...